Nothing happens without the participation of all the parts


And in the usual consciousness that humanity has reached, it is possible to describe and analyze –from the perspective of reasons, of effects, of causes-... any event.

And obviously finding the causes, the responsible ones or the guilty ones... or the origins for which such a policy is going wrong, such an economy does not flourish, such an idea is not viable...

And one speaks, as if the world were of "others". As if the responsibility for what happens was exclusively of those or of the others. The analyzer subject excludes himself: "This is going wrong, this should not go like this, I do not think this is the most appropriate...", and a long etcetera. But what participation does the analyzer have?

When the Prayer Call is produced, it claims each being, in its role and in its process, as an integral part of a group, collective, country, universe consciousness... –it depends on how you want to see it-. But it is... –under the Prayer Sense- it is evident that each one has a participation in everything that happens.

Obviously, that participation does not mean that one is the cause. It may be the one that prevents... or the one who tries to prevent this or that from happening. But the most significant thing is that we must recover our being, our doing, as an integral part... –and each one will evaluate it- as an integral part of what is happening, of what is going on. That will then be evaluated as "good", "bad", "so-so"...

The commitment of the being, in the face of living... is not excluding, it is inclusive; It is included in what happens, in what is going on. And to the extent that we stop blaming, and include ourselves as events, as happenings, performing X functions, and also not to be oblivious to what happens, it will grow in the being a consciousness of wholes, of commitment to the vital.

 Under the Prayer Sensewe we wonder:

“What function corresponds to me? What role makes me a participant in the living of my community, my group, my locality, my country... etc.?”.

Because every being everything is included. And the whole –that we don't manage to gather- has our part, our position.

And so, the result wont be to identify guilty ones, but to be identify ourselves as participants of what is happening, in the roll we feel corresponds to us; that will be in favor, that will be against, that will be undefined, indecisive... but not, excluding.

Nothing happens without the participation of all the parts.

Not even the slightest breeze that moves a leaf... happens without the participation of the whole.

There is no “nothing” that happens because of its own identity...; isolated.

All living things are required. And, at the same time, all this is the result of the confabulation of a Mystery.

If we become aware of our involvement, this awareness will lead us to realize that participation –just to say something we do not know- of that presence... of Mystery, Providence, Goodness, Mercy, Piety, Condescension, Help.

Recognizing ourselves in our doing; seeing oursevelves in the participation of what happens; feeling ourselves in the immersion in the Universe... and seeing!, amplifying our consciousness, that living is not a consequence of the elements that integrate what we call "life", but it is the expression of an "influence" –let's call it so- that makes possible the development of those elements and that leads them towards a role; recognizing in us the talents and our abilities –and, with it, the permissiveness or not of this or that happening– it places us to start reading that... –let us allow the word- that "Creator Genome", start reading the permanent intervention... of that language that is expressed elusively, for the degree of consciousness we have.

And, speaking of that state of consciousness, we are asked –in the Praying Sense- to increase attention, alertness, alarm at times, when we believe we are protagonists or exclusives... to see –sensitively, emotionally and intelligently, in a humble, honest and submissive manner- the Creative hand, the Mysterious hand that... places us.

In these times of gains, losses, individualisms, radicalisms, each particle is responsible for those events.

And if every particle of life, conscious of its participation, amplifies its senses trying to decipher why, we will be –in that measure of execution- in a truly liberating consciousness.

Since we could summarize by saying: Everything happens independently of our doing. Curious!

We started by blaming others, excluding ourselves. Then, recognizing our participation in what happens. Then, realizing that there is something else: Creator Mystery. And liberatingly culminating, knowing that all the foregoing is true, but that none of the above happens without the presence of the Mystery.

 From not being an actor, to being one, to being a participant, to being a discoverer, to being... nothing.


But at the same time –and there is a praying claim- but at the same time I cannot stop being who I am! Because it is part of that non-being.

It is not easy to intellectualize, and it gives way to controversy and rational, logical, philosophical and even... theological disquisition.

It is rather a state of... we could call it “supra-consciousness” –to follow the parameters of “more”, “less”-… which leads us to the conclusion that we are nothing, but we are. And everything happens due to a Creator Mystery... unapproachable and unattainable due to our current state of consciousness. But that we can feel it and perceive it if we open "a"... And to that extent, free ourselves from being the cause, the effect, the guilty, the innocent...

Perhaps, as an expression of a daily summary, what is usually said: "Whatever God wants”, should be increased by the word "no doubt".

It will ,no doubt be, is, what the Mystery believes.

 “Saying and doing are two different things", it is said, is it not? And I can say it as a string, as a doubtful and random resource... or I can get involved. Get involved in it.

And see, in everything I can perceive, the invisible creator doing...; magical.


Immense Grace is perceived, when the being knows, when we know... we are under the cover, under the Creator complaisance.

The obstacles cease to be. The anguishes, the attachments, the claims, the demands, stop counting…

Full confidence begins to emerge...

And the feeling that everything is brewing in Love...

And not knowing what it is, but not needing to know it, but feel it!

How different is to know us like consequence, and not being the consequence.




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