Coexistence tendencies point towards defence, attack, distrust, aggression...; the prejudiced attitude and the very, very, very little trust.

The progressive deterioration of institutions makes the administration of conscience contagious, and the tendency is towards personal isolation, towards individual salvation. Please!

The development of the hedonistic, sectorial, racist personality... They seem like insults. No, no! They are not. They are characteristics.

The Prayer Call qualifies the situation for us, for us to contemplate our surroundings and ourselves.

It is easy to fall into the victimhood of terror, harm, persecution...

And it's easy because it's there.

And it is easy to defend oneself and criticize and condemn and... isolate oneself, because it is there too!, as the best resource and the best remedy.

The promotion of virtues, the promotion of communions, sharing, living together, coexisting, collaborating... -that long etcetera of words-, does not increase. And they are considered, under the dictatorship of defence and security, as “weak”, as “incapable”, as “inoperative”. And to a certain extent they are right, since they are little exercised.

The vigour of solidarity, the strength of communion, the vibration of belief, faith and hope maintained and exercised!... is hard; it is hard in this style of living.

And it is hard because triumph has taken over living; success, profit, security...

That voracious economic attitude –at any level!- that occupies the obsessive compulsion to work, to earn, to profit.

And, if you don't go that way, you will receive criticism... fears will appear...

Current human hedonism tries to convince us that our lives are mortgaged; that life is a mortgage that you will never –never!- be able to pay off. You will have more and more interests. And even if you work more and more, you will never be able to solve your debt.

This is how current consciousness moves.

That is the panorama that, in qualities, the Prayer Call describes to us.

In which –as we see- the human cult of dominance and power is hegemonic.

Then there are... -around, yes- some pities, some sorrows, some loves, some affections. But beware! Beware! Many of them are interested partisans. So much so that, if at some point the demands of one or the other are not met, the pacts are broken.

It is undoubtedly difficult to speak about “majority”, in a population of 8,000 million people. Just as it is difficult talking about “minorities”. But it is possible to say that the profitability of our presences has the hegemonic tendency of domination, power, violence... in multiple forms.

And that attitude is a drug that captivates, to be the best, the best, the most-the most beautiful, the most, the richest...

Gods, their fears, their miracles are no longer needed, No. Man is self-sufficient... and condemns himself and rewards himself.

He has kidnapped life in that eternal mortgage. That is the trend... and its subsequent realization.

The Prayerful Call keeps us... either in silence, or insists on the Creative Universe, on the Creative Mystery.

In the dawn. That, without it, we do not sprout.

In living together without anticipated prejudice.

In feeling the presence... in the essential and necessary, in the unforeseen, in the unexpected, in the dream, in chance. In Loving.

It insists that they are signs that show us the creative perspective, the seed of our origin...; that war is not our consent!, but it is... sharing our inheritances.

Feeling in unity... and to discover ourselves in the joys of coexistence, in the poem of sincerities, in the breezes of hopes.

Without the guilty or punishing grimace.

Without the righteous claim: that premature death.

Righteous claim that gravitates over any texture. Because the impositions of art, culture, customs and norms do not make “variables of good fortune” possible, but instead insist on their sickles, spears and expletives to qualify their stays.

And thus, beauty becomes an unnecessary adornment. For what? Above all, the practical, the comfortable.

“Well-being” floods consciousness and subjects it to the norm of producing to please.

And humanity has been educated with the lubricant of being born, growing, developing, deteriorating and dying.

And curiously, when the being should... –due to what they call "experience", due to what they call "practical wisdom"-...

Or else, the beings give up definitively, and stop greasing their mental structures, and only residence remains...

Or -rare circumstances- it is when the lubrication of consciousness acquires the clairvoyance to contemplate innocence, to aspire to the search for ignorance: that which allows us to be curious about everything that surrounds us.

And let's think for a moment -just think, eh?-: What if the model of evolution were different? And it would have been changed for momentary and partial interests. What if the model, instead of being “youth, divine treasure”, was “longevity, divine immortality”?

We have been made us aware in the progressive deterioration.

We have psych somatised ourselves with “the passage of time”… and with the reasonable practice of what is observed.

It is inevitable, from that perspective, to realize that every day is a step closer towards death.

And it is impossible to think... that it could be a step towards immortality.

The Prayer Call does not use half measures to console the sorrows of the soul, of loves, of economies, of illnesses or... distortions!

That’s how the prayers have been interpreted! That’s how they are exercised! The home remedy... I was about to say “free” of charge. No, it is not for free. It seems for free! But it is not for free, to the extent that it compromises with religions, dogmas, laws... with everything that has nothing to do with the Creative Mystery, but has a lot to do with law, order, morality, sexuality!...

It's not for free. It conditions a form, a way of being. And it is very expensive.

And so it is that the Prayer Call comes to call towards liberation, towards communication, towards the amplified consciousness of... of being here, but belonging to the Whole!

And consequently, all this prowling of opinions, sentences, convictions and etc., already mentioned, they lose their value, lose relevance.

But if we pay attention to them and try to combat them with ideas of liberation...

No! Let's exercise liberation in daily coexistence. Let us not face the trap of justice, of order, of morality, of the norm. That's cemetery preamble.

The ballot boxes demand our participation in the anchored and stereotypically smiling models of grandiose promises and parties. Not to mention graveyards, which will come with success and triumph.

A whole design that, of course, points to what has been obtained, what has been achieved...

It was inevitable.

What happens is that it has been given prominence. But it was inevitable to follow the path that has been followed, under the auspices of the domination of the human over the Divine.

And how curious, isn’t it? –to understand it better-. Does the Divine rebel against the impersonation of the human? Does the Divine punish the bad and reward the good? Yes? Or it is rather the other way around?

It does not enter into confrontation, because life is not so.

Because we are continuous hopes, without limits.

But it is easier to believe in today's practicality, in yesterday's reason or in tomorrow's calculations.

We could say that this is not believing. Those are manoeuvring to position oneself as power.

To believe is to transcend one's own identity, to let go of what is possessive... and to embrace the Mystery.

From time to time, it would be appropriate to use well the words.

The Higher Goodness is there. It does not mortgage. It does not lend. It is. It gives itself.



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