Engendered by the Eternity of the Mysterious Lover, the being seems to forget it


Perhaps because of the speed, perhaps because of the rush, perhaps because of the personal ego, perhaps because of the exercising of power -perhaps-… -maybe-… the memory loss has taken control of human life, in this place of the Universe.

Until very recently, the “lost memory presences” were, if not rare, they were not relevant. Today, it is like a plague that extends. And already is considered, all this so called contingent of "neurodegenerative diseases", as the plague, the plague of the 21st century.

Of course, we can take the environmental causes: of particles in suspension in the respiration, toxic foods, contaminated waters, human relations of conflict… and a long list that also happens because of damage in the genome. 

And in that soup, "not primordial", in that soup is brewing a stew… that is at least worrying.

.- How long ago were we created!?

.- Uhhh! Surely a long time ago!

.- Do You Remember..? 

.- Uhhh!...

The gods forgot us, or we forget the gods?

But the fact is that, in addition, we forget "that time"… and we forget “that experience which"… and we forget “that event which”… And it is seen that it is not only forgetfulness of individuals, but also of communities, even countries come to ignore events that still, still, still are written somewhere.

We try, in ephemeris, to remember significant details; at least… Leonardo, Michelangelo, Descartes… Bah! Then came Steve Jobs or… Kobe Bryant or… [1]THE CUP.

.- Hey, "Plato" was it a dish or was it someone’s name? 

.- "Plato". No, it was not a large plate; it was the name of someone.

Of course, Plato or Aristotle or Kant or… is not interesting!; even if they are in the archetypes of the ordinary consciousness, but you don't know why they're there or how they came… nor what influence they generated.

Little by little, perhaps, every being, and contagiously in community… As is the case now!: 

"And this group speaks like this, and this other human group speaks in this other way, and these are dressed like…"

Small armies. As if they were cattle: 

"Now the fashion is like this… or "It is necessary to carry out this because… because yes!".

Without a doubt, the religions, which intended to re-ligate or connect us with the Creation, became corrupt; they became senectitude; sick of old age. And they did not realize that it was a disease, they thought that God, little by little, died in each one. "God, little by little, died in each one."  This could justify a dignified death: "I die with Him, or He dies with me".

Such a powerful civilization!, with nuclear warheads, capable of destroying everything living, and increasingly unable of refreshing on a daily basis with what is happening, with what happened yesterday or the day before yesterday, as though nothing had happened!

It seems like an unusable life, from one day to the next! Without a doubt, "use and throw away".

The Prayerful Sense of today makes us focus on the ease with which the being residually evolves… toward useless remains!, because of not knowing how to safeguard their anima experiences, spiritual, souled!!... and from them, continue to grow in amazement!, in the extraordinary sense of… living!

The Beat of the Loves… languishes. In its place, a key or information. In its place, a mask or… a possession.

The Beat of the Lover becomes weak! Its usefulness is questioned; its weakness is questioned; its ability is questioned; its need is questioned.

An "I don’t know", a "perhaps", a "maybe", a "we'll see"… replaces it orally, like a song of the fair. Replacing, all of this, with the importance of the being, the demand of the gain, the opportunity of money, the security of your stay…

Engendered by the Eternity of the Mysterious Lover, encouraged and supported by HER, by HIM, the being, seems to forget. It forgets. 

It wanders in its teguments, in its grains, in its sorrows, in its … ballast! 

It becomes a complaint. It becomes indolence. It becomes progressively vulgar. And thus, loses the sensitivity of the gesture, of the gaze, of the smile, of the word, the closeness, of the breath, the sigh…

It is necessary to be alert, to know how to interpret the language of Creation; to know that every moment is to transcend… step by step; to come to feel that our consciousness is bewitched and subjugated, without martyrdom, to an enamoured conviction of living.

It sounds… it sounds almost impossible. Because immediately sprouts!... the established materialisms of each day. Doors and windows, and any ventilation that leads us to the Infinite closes; which is where we are!

"That is where we are." Although science has already been introduced in that Eternity, to tell us that it is terminal, it is exhaustible, it is final.

And, of course, to the extent that one ceases to be what one is, "Breath Of Eternity", the man becomes parchment!... hard, rough. It forgets the breath and… drags, babbles…

When something ceases to be what it is, it forgets what it is… because it wanted to be something else!

It is as if the fish jumps out of the water onto the land, and strives again and again to make another life rather than being submerged in the water. Gasping, it will survive a few moments. And right away it would dry up, it would become parchment; fish… fodder

Similarly, when the being deforms … because it aspires, calculates and generates only on the basis of its cadence and, consequently, without including in its doing, the transcendence, it becomes stagnant water; it pollutes its existence; it infects anyone who is thirsty.

With the faith… available; with the exercising of it… to what one is available; with the certainty of the evidences of the happenings, you can resume, collect oneself in the channel... of creations, inspired by the ideals of the emotions, in the sustainment of the wonder of what is happening, you do and you feel each day… magically.

And, knowing that you are heir of the Eternal, you can illustrate, behave, act, speak… towards others who are left in the stagnant, in the security, in the gain.

Breathe the souled Breath; that corresponds… with what one is…

Infinitely created, and creating!…

Without assuming limits or boundaries…

Making permanent songs… with the passing of the wind.


[1] The "candidacy of Popular Unity"​​, known simply by its initials CUP,​​​ ​ is a Spanish political party of the extreme left, defender of the independence of Catalonia.




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