No, it is not difficult to live


It happens that little details... get smaller and smaller, and sometimes they disappear.

It happens that criticism becomes more frequent, and within a short time it is strengthened and acidified... without further consideration than to hurt.

It happens that commitments are assumed... we could say that at first with certain fortitude, but later they fade away between complaints and protests; between requests and demands. With which, the commitment gets very melted.

And it happens that respect, that is, the imperative need for daily respect among coexisting beings, is not only fundamental but is transcendent. It is not important, but it is transcendental.

Thus we have to listen, see... and, above all, know how to stay in the right place that corresponds to us, so as not to invade other spaces, other levels that correspond to other personalities, other dilemmas.

And it happens that, with these occurrences -which are the minimal ones- that usually happen, it becomes difficult, very difficult!, and becomes incompetent the possibility of incorporating, in that daily Being and to be, the praying suggestions, meditative warnings, and contemplative experiences.

The Praying Call suggests to us, we would say that with increasing timidity, impulses towards the possibility of tuning in to Creation, towards the option of vibrating with living... and feeling loved, and consequently to love!... where we are, what we do, with whom we live , with whom we project, where we are going to...

We can -and in general it is something that is usually done- downplay the inconvenience, the ruptures, disputes, prejudices, selfishness, hedonisms, self-importance. And it is played down and played down, played down so much that they become IMPORTANT!

Yes; self-importance, if the incidence that can harm others is subtracted; if it is subtracted and… “nothing happens”; it is subtracted... "well, it's not that bad either, he's just like that"; if the complaint is subtracted from the demand, if its ability to immobility, to immobilize and to blame is subtracted... "it's like that, nothing happens"; if it is subtracted, if it is subtracted from anger, from grief, its importance and its impact on living together... "it's just a small thing, it doesn't matter, nothing happens"... probably –probably- less and less things happen. Because it is subtracted, it is subtracted, and "nothing happens." NOTHING HAPPENS.

Well, well it's ok de-dramatizing. Ok. But the drama exists, and you have to find a solution.

It is good not to be obstructed in the face of disrespect, in the face of forgetfulness, in the face of the impossibility, of what makes the being incapable in order not to assume responsibilities.

In that sequence that "anything goes, nothing is important, everything is, well, what has to be", it is not only that the being loses prominence, but that, in theory -in theory, eh?-, It doesn't matter to him, except!... except when his interests are touched, except when his emotions, affections are touched, except when his activities are touched.

In other words, it is about maintaining a climate "without importance", in which nothing matters and vanity is expressed without qualms. And so we popularize vulgarity.

And in this situation, without pretending to cross over to the opposite side where "everything is dramatic", that "everything is..." -"obscene radicalisms of perfectionisms"-, no, but the other position is a bit vague. No… it doesn't show the excitement of sunrise! It does not show the caresses of the rooster’s crow! No, no, no... it does not show passion for what is done, for dedication and overcoming difficulties! It does not show -that "everything is fine", that impunity that "it is not that important”-... it does not show, it does not allow the decision of the adventure!, the dedications in the face of difficulties, it is rather abject, diminishes dedications. Proposals, what for...? Let others propose. And so, if things don't go well: "I didn't propose it!"...

It's a strategy very... "very". Let's leave it at “very”.

But it shows a certain disinterest, a certain inability already noticed, so whatever is decided, always having the ace that "I did not decide it."

The Universe puts the greatest care on its seasons. The Universe, the Mysterious Creation... takes the greatest care to maintain the conditions for its rains, its droughts, its humidity. The Creative Mystery takes the greatest care to bring us spring, autumn, winter, summer. The earth strives to give us its fruits. They strive… even small cellular organisms strive to do their task.

And where is the human response to such care? Where?

Most of the time, carefulness is developed to generate well-being, comfort, personal development. The rest, the others, yes, they are -yes, they are- but they must be at our service.

Perhaps it is very exaggerated to say this, right? But how good would it be -right?- that each one was always right, and the others bowed to their services.

Yes. Obviously, to the extent that we downplay any incident, we facilitate it to happen again, because we do not provide the answers and we do not develop the mechanisms so that it does not happen again.

States of permanent dissatisfaction also occur -and Sense warns us, the Prayer Call-; the states of continuous complaint and… outburst! Those states of continuous catastrophism... of course!, in which the subject –it is so- he does not participate, of course! They usually make sure -of course- that the deteriorations and evils that occur are someone else's business. But they do not contribute, no they do not. They stay in the analysis of the damage of others, but they do not give suggestions so it does not happen or contribute with actions or activities to change.

 All this can lead us -from the human point of view, of course- to say: “How difficult it is to live! It is very difficult! And even more in community!”. Although all beings live in community; more or less distant from each other, but we have to meet… either at the shop or at the Corte Inglés or applying for a passport, or out walking or at the bar. Even the most individualistic and protective of their privacy needs communion, communication with the environment, the community. And will have to relate.

 When we look at the Universe in which we inhabit, we realize that the different activities that we can describe with our science… they get along! It is not difficult! It is not the slogan that has just been heard: "how difficult it is to live!". How difficult we make living! When each one wants to be the king, when each one wants to be the sun, when each one wants to claim his own.

What is "his own"?

That is when it becomes difficult to live. Of course! Very difficult! Because you enter into a permanent competition and defence of achievements and personal importance. So... it is very difficult!

 Living becomes so difficult that it becomes martyrdom. Amazing, right? And it turns out that the Creative Mystery gestates and generates life as an expression of Love. And as such, the loved, in love, lover, is in good health. It is in a brilliant moment. But not even that! Or very little. Because there will always be the comment, the half little gibe, the gibe and a quarter of a half a gibe, and the little question and... What barbarity!

No… –the Praying Call tells us- no, it is not difficult to live. The being is endowed with resources of infinite presence, with a capacity to creativize its action, to idealize its process, to take care of the weak, to make it strong!, to channel passions, to make them brilliant!, to rejoice of the good of others!... and of cultivating oneself in art!

 It's not difficult. When we see it and live it, and certainly societies become difficult! ,it is because each one aspires to convince, dominate and control the others. A contest is established... that has been established for a long time in the human being.

As long as that conflict remains, without a doubt -"without a doubt"- prayer listening will be timid, precarious; the incidence of claim will prevail, the requirement of "mine"... Uff!

Yes, it's true, the outlook can be bleak: no sun!; dark! But knowing -as the Praying Sense tells us- of our endowments, of our luminosity, of our wakefulness thanks to that luminosity that Creation gives us, then it is not terrible and difficult, but rather we are meeting and finding beings –a few!- who idealize themselves, who commit themselves, who love each other, who develop, who are promoted!, who make a charm out of wakefulness, and a joyful meditation out of the darkness of the night.

Each crossroads, each apparent beginning -which is a passing- gives us, like each sunrise, the opportunity to make today and tomorrow better. To do better, for the kindness that is wasted on us. And do it better, because of the resources and endowments we have.

Let us decorate the virtual beginnings.

Let us enlarge the proposals.

Let us gather the best intention, with the least reproach, when exercising.

Being able to admire the action of another. And to share that brilliance.

Do not be overwhelmed by the first, second or third discomforts.

Being in the permanent comment, opening and dialogue to clarify the misunderstandings, the confusing proposals, the half “yeses”.

The Praying Sense, the Call, always optimizes: comforts, relieves, lightens, calms, serene... "Takes care".

And to the extent that we incorporate it into our being, we become a Universe, we become that microcosm that replicates in the harmony of Creation.

May the Love-Amen be… a supportive, refreshing, innovative push!, creative, willing!, available, generous!, optimistic… fortunate.


Do not allow yourself to disturb any of these qualities, by any vanity of your own of strangers’ or other people's.




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