The sun rises and...


The sun rises and it seems that appears... another day!

The sun rises and it seems like… whatever other day. But, as so many times happens, it is “apparent”.

The praying sense emphasizes continually the advice to see further than… the apparent, and to situate yourself in the obvious. And, evidently, each sunrise supposes a new position in the universe and, as a consequence, a new opportunity, for every being, to rescue itself, to prepare itself, to orientate itself, to decide.


The new sunrise -in which we return to recognise ourselves… and to recognise the environment- apparently is the same, but it is not the same. Nor are we the same! We are the new bet of today!, on behalf of the Creation.

Later we will make the reading… of the union of yesterday with today, with the day before yesterday... Yes, yes, yes! It might be worth something. But what is certain… is that today is a mutant of what there was. Not only for the fact of being in another place of the Creation, of the universe, of space, they make it easy for us and they propose us to become another…person!; to increase our… other opportunity!; to know that, in front of whatever reference, we're not the same.

And this happens so that we are… differently better! Better! And “better” and “better”, are all of those events that make us… pleasurable, generous, in solidarity, happy!...


Each sunrise is a new opportunity…

The light trusts us again. The nest is still maintained… so that, from the emptiness that there was before, now arises a new perspective of our capacities.


New dreams are… insinuated. Palpitating ideals appear again. And if we have contemplated the justifications… and we have dissolved them, surely... this new opportunity of the Creation will become strong!, capable!, resolute!

Today the relinquishment will not defeat me, the attitude of dissimulation, a consumed relic of a being without... soul. No!, Today is… a distinct light.


Today is surprise…

Today is luck…

Today is new!...

Today... the consciousness is opened to go to the “trans- consciousness”: the step that mutates us, that changes our skin! -like the snake-, and we leave... what has expired!, to begin to accomplish... in a shining way, in an exalted way!; with signs of enthusiasm!; without spaces of desperate idleness.


“Apparently” the same processes of other moments are waiting. “Apparently”. In this step of the “Trans-consciousness”, we notice that no; it was appearance.

To feel alive again…

“It serves”…




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