In the spring of Mercy


The new humanity… finds itself gestating and showing itself in miniature, in scattered and various places…

Like a new seed, it nests in the precise moment and in the most unexpected place.

And we say "new"…  to try to express that, in the majority of the majority of humanity, who runs, which tightens, which prohibits, that punishes, its hasty escape leads to the abyss.

The Meaning of Prayer shows us… a humanity that abandons its affiliation with the Creation; that is supported by the achievements of their prosthesis; that feels like the creator of a better world.

But its myopia reduces it to… partial destructions that become general, without that a supportive environment of resolution is generated.

In the midst of all this, the Creative Consciousness, the Mystery, gives us signs of that new seed that should be taken care of, encouraged, protected…; be conscious of where it is …; and to maintain the fidelity to what is revealed, to the created. Be conscious of the necessary creativity in beauty, in art. Willing to whatever event, and do not succumb to the complaint…; let it be timeless so that, in the course of germination, of its development, of its manifest creation, it has the certainty of its origin and its function.

All of this represents something new, when it is exercised. Because similar languages, also uses the hasty flight of power; and it shows apparently with compassion or solidarity or protection… when we know that those words are a justification for maintaining greater control.

The strength of the new lies in what it reveals, what is shown, what you discover, what is interpreted; and, consequently, the exercising and the demonstration of testimony that this brings with it.

What is significant about this seed is, its Faith, its Obedience to the Designs…; its consciousness of certainty of its viability, faced with the harassment, the loitering, the temptations, warnings, fears…

It seems to say: 

"No! You won’t scare me with your fears of assurances! No, you won’t tempt me with your precipitated pleasures and even less with your promised happiness, loaded with power and traps. No. 

I will not accept coins as payment, because it is my will to follow my ideals: what I have been given in my talents. 

No. I will not fall into the trap of comparing; in those overlapped envies that claim of me to be better!, and more! I shall try to be what I should be. And I'm accurate to feel that I can count on the precise help! I am accurate in feeling that I feel and I have the precise help. 

No! I will not fall into the trap of the achievements, and the strutting to which they give rise to.

It is not my feeling…  to lie, as a strategy. There is to say, in the flexible kindness of the precise decision!

No, I will not fall into the easy temptation of the bad mood, without love, of the anger, revenge, "an eye for an eye", and "a tooth for a tooth". Already this has been enough.

My consciousness of being a spiritually sensitive breath, gives me the nature of feeling loved!… and to reflect that condition in everything I do.

No. I will not fall into the easy temptation of adulation, of progress, achievement; of the vanity of my power. 

I'm not power. I am service.

I will not justify violence as a "last resort", although I have to live with it.

I will know how to exercise myself in dialog resources, silent, quiet. And I will know how to be in the meditative shade and in the intimacy of prayer.

It is not my feeling to isolate myself, but yes, I have to preserve myself.

It is not my action to confront myself. Faced with, the flight; faced with, the submission".

In hearing these proclamations, they might seem exaltations of… youth partnerships. 

But they are not. Rather they are exclamations from the depth of the help.

Rather they are valiant acts in adventures unknown.

Rather they are… cries of hope.

They are… declarations of reference; proposals for daily exercise... which correspond with our nature.

Because of the so dilated exercising of a style of living which is powerful, envious and violent, the system has endless resources to propagate the idea of "the strongest", of "the most courageous"… -in short, "the most powerful"- as an expression of the identity of life.

And this propaganda that derives from this is… sometimes subtle, and others so violent that… you die in the attempt or you cling to it.

That is why the being must perform a work of "selective porosity"…doing the precise necessary exchange to avoid confrontation and, above all, not to fall into the domain of the dominator and become dominant. 

"Domain of the dominator and become dominant. Domain of the Dominator and become dominant".

The sign of this humanity is the pride; and it is implied in multiple ways: it struts with art, flirts with the beauty, encourages the affections, promotes the emotions, makes malice in the dispute… And shows to be apparently generous… in the sorrow.

The pride is made strong when you get to some beautiful dimension, to a moment of joy.

It becomes present exalting the egotism, to ensure its permanent presence.

Ay!... Ay! It is not easy to navigate in the turbulent waters and misleading pride.

Ay! how easy it is to fall into -and to believe- the best ship that passes through the waters!, without knowing that to drown awaits.

Ay! How precise one has to be with the prudence!... and that of course the being has to show, in their intentions, in their affections and in their proposals.

Ay!, Mercy of Mercies!, which emit from… the Mystery; that sprouts as an inexhaustible spring.

If. Like the inexhaustible spring, we want to be in Your bosom… to know which is permanently our affiliation, our guide… and our proposal.

Ay!! And when the fear and despair tighten, knowing that you are in the spring of mercy… relieves, alerts!, helps.

There is no place for the easy indifference, nor for incidental abandonment…  nor for all those justifications that only corroborate the indolence of the pride.

In the piety.




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