We Are Afraid Of Love


Contemplating the feelings of humanity, it is possible that, with a few exceptions, in the Beginning -that was the Manifestation-, the beings had the resources and paradisiacal means in which to develop.

Probably, its consciousness was… of "fullness toward the Created". So to speak, there was no separation between the Mystery Creator and its Creative expression.

Then something happened. That "something" is going to stay in the orbit of the Mystery, but we can approximate with words… and say that it was in the frequency of "disobedience".

From there, the continuant consciousness from the Mystery towards the manifestation was diluted. It continued to exist because…  the Creative continued assistance was necessary. But the consciousness of what was created did not… assimilate that Force, and began to locate it in the sun, moon, stars… began to lose immateriality and to win in materiality.  The Mystery Creator was ‘anthropomorphised’ ... and the relationship became "petitioned". 

Yes. Requested and asked: harvests, hunting, good weather…

And sometimes it seems to coincide, and sometimes not. And all the time the being was relying more on its resources, on its means, on its abilities, on its alliances!

And each time needed less a reference with Creation. He himself became the reference. And, from being "the image and likeness of", he became, the image and likeness of everything else.

And so it is with some frequency, right?

Then quickly was introduced the… "Whoever is not with me, is against me", and then… there was no possibility of dialog.

That "fullness" of harmony with the Creative Force, in addition to diluting and fading away, was progressively becoming… -on the basis of the discovery of resources and achievements that the being had– converted into… wanting.

Yes! It was clear that it could not live in absolute isolation: it did not have enough vital configuration, the being, to manage itself, but rather it needed… everything. 

Thanks to that…  -the already faded- relationship between the Creative Force and him, of the Beginning of the principles of the paradisiacal Manifestation, this converted into wanting; into "want".

"I want this"… I want that"… "I want the other"… 

And that wanting became Power. 

"Because I want this and that, and I get it, I posses it… I have a reward system for the attainment achieved".

The relations of the anima went in such a way, and are basically configured in base of… the achievement, what I can get, what I get, what I can appropriate… 


"And yes, I want you so much, but what I want from you is this and this and this and this". 

"Oh, yes, I want you so much, but what I really want is the other, the other and beyond". 

And, between wants, the possessions are divided, they fight, they confront!…

The ascendance that Creation has over its creatures… is infinite. And in this infinity, and amongst so much wanting, shines at times… the Love; that does not posses, which does not reclaim, which does not demand, that does not ask for; that does nothing but prepare to be offered, to serve, to be given.

This dim vibration balances… and faced with the want becomes a mirror.

Will we have to decide between love or want? 

Well! Overall, the decision that now remains is to want

Now we want security, we want economy, we want… everything placed, without effort, all set, with nothing to offer.

What should alert the being, from the perspective of the Prayer, is the lack of criteria… to find out if you are wanting, or loving.

And among other things there is not that criterion, because it confuses the two options, as if they were the same. And no.

Humanity is now attentive of their achievements, their titles, their awards, their praise, of their profits…; of their insurance, their possessions.

The Love is… unprofitable.

It does not win, it is not demanding, it is not impulsive, is not possessive… 

It is like the sea: it is there, it remains; always different with the arrival of its waves; always unforeseen in the acts of its currents. And although we know something about it, much it hides as mystery.

Wanting would be similar to the rivers. 

And the love would be equivalent to the seas

The man conquers the rivers, establishes its sidewalks, sailing the seas and… and from that is left the nostalgia of the infinite ocean that has no limits. 

It becomes unfathomable.

But the river is controlled, it is dominated, they put dams, drains, change the course… from it is obtained a benefit, an income, a gain.

With the sea it is also tried -and in fact is achieved-, but… it is not as malleable, it is not so changeable. You can obtain its resources, but… its permanence in three-quarters of the planet is like the divine blueprint of Love.

But, at most, it seems that the man dares to navigate… without seeing in the sea the Creative Reflection, the commitment to be in the source… and vibrate in our ancestry.

We are afraid of Love.

Yes; because… you can't manage it, manipulate it, possess it, grab it, save it… 

It is easier to "win"… with wanting and with the Power that this can generate.




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