Without beginning or end, we are eternalised in continuous transformations


And living becomes art when, through prayer, our consciousness is attuned to our origin of Infinity...; to our Creator Mystery. By saying "our" does not refer to any belonging, but simple reference.

And so, we become the art of living, meditating on the prayerful and contemplating what is happening.

Thus, we make art in the different actions, and our consciousness becomes transcendent, assumes the Mystery... and elaborates the interpretation that this entails. And it frees us from the very demanding leading role, which is never satisfied; which is always demanding... because it has made reference to itself.

If our reference is Eternity and not the finite consciousness of beginning and end, our living becomes a testimony of that Love which sustains us, entertains us, guides us, and orientates us.

The Prayer Call affects our position, our dis-position with respect to the demands around us.

And there is no room for requests and decisions based on taste, impositions or offers.

These occur when the being takes reference to itself and imposes its actions, its attitudes, regardless of whether they are necessary, demanding, real or not.

The consequences of consciousness of the infinitude of the Eternal, embodied in living, open us to attitudes, actions and realisations that do not emanate from our preparation, our culture, our habits. They emanate from the inspiration of... that spark of chance, that moment of uncertainty, that unforeseen moment, that flash that dazzles us... that has no explanation; that lacks reason. And that is where Love abounds.

But the being becomes so personal! –personal-… that is invaginates in its thinking, wraps itself around itself... and only looks at its own egotistical satisfaction, which passes, which runs, which exhausts itself.

And habitually the being isolates itself in its reflection and its reference, and is reduced to the vulgar action of daily obedience to what is established, to what is foreseen, to what is ordered, to what is enslaved... And it enslaves. It obeys its tendencies, and not the disposition of its experiences and beliefs.

When prayer becomes the vehicle of our perseverance of the Universe, and our living becomes an art of realisation, fear and worry do not fit in that vibrant consciousness.

We are constantly expanding, exercising ourselves in exceptionality, in originality...; in what we really are: sent servants of life... embarked on a Mystery that gives us vital breath, that coordinates us and guides us in the flight of butterflies, at dawn, at sunset, in luck. In that loving moment in which the feeling is full... but needs to be maintained in that consciousness of fulfilment.

And it is there when the being abandons its tendencies, belongings, inclinations, claims... and becomes liberated, and in this disposition towards the truly needed.

Because it is easy to become alms or relief for that thing or that one. And it is gratifying for the ego. But it requires a leading role. It does not assume anonymity.

Living has been ordered, with claims, profits, losses, promotions: projects that seek the claim of applause... without taking into account the awakening of each day; without taking into account the gifts of our nature; without taking into account the opportunities, occasions, circumstances, moments... in which Providence shines us, polishes us, so that we may be decidedly liberated. And not escapists... those who seek gain, benefits, profits, and always flee "for safety". In reality, it is for selfishness and personal hedonism.

And it is not difficult to realise all this, but it has such a level of possession, that the being forgets that it is immersed in a Creator Universe... and that its possession will not modify this Universe one iota, which... becomes unknown, but at the same time permanent harvest is made.

The Creator Mystery allows us, through prayer, through meditating on it, through contemplating the passing..., it allows us the consciousness of life, without defining it. Because if we could -oh, power!- define life, it would become finite. And that is what usually happens in ordinary consciousness: that the event becomes finite: "Ah, this begins and this ends".

And that causes the being to become distorted, to deteriorate, to rub against a wound.

 It turns living into consumption: "Ah, this begins and ends...". Yes; because it no longer responds to my personal, social, cultural, environmental, argumentative egomania...

And so, the being, in its egomaniacal vulgarity, begins and ends, begins and ends, begins and ends...

And, of course, it accumulates so many endings that it becomes a faithful believer that everything has a beginning and an end.

It itself, consciously, elaborates this project, until it culminates in the material observation, in which a photo of childhood and a photo of old age are shown... and thus clearly demonstrates -clearly?- that everything has a beginning and an end.

And it turns out that we know nothing of the beginning, and the end is diluted in partitions, in components. So, really, the practical theory of everyday vulgarity can be satisfied, yes, but without 'con vin-cing' resources.

If it turns out that -the Praying Call tells us- we have no beginning and no end, because we are an ideation of the Creative Mystery...

That, however much we may want to speculate in our minds, we will not enter into it. Instead, if we assume it, we feel permanent satisfaction of its Providential assistance.

And just as we dare to say, scientifically, when the universe began, when it will end, what it will be like... It is a way of never daring to be a lover, but rather to be "a constitutional blood pudding": the one that wants, takes, releases...; the one that ends up conceiving that everything is a waste. And in its slavery, it ends up proving that this is so, when consciousness does not open to another reality.

And there is no need to theorise or speculate too much! It is only based on our minimal consciousness –minimal- of knowing where more or less we are -which we don't know. But there, suspended, as ancient treatises say: "We dwell suspended in Creation".

It is enough to see the stars or... to feel the Loving dawn. No more is needed. The rest, under the vulgar vision, we limit it, we curb it.

And for operative reasons of possession, of desires, we set a beginning and an end. And there we are living with it, dragging it out again and again, as many times "as necessary" -in inverted commas-.

If we place ourselves in the perspective of the "beginning-less" and -consequently- "endless", there is no dragging of endings. There are contemplations and meditations of transformations.

Even the most illustrious sages tell us that matter is neither created nor destroyed, but only transformed. And we accept it as a theory, without knowing what we have said; because, if it were accepted in consciousness, then we would enter into that prayerful perspective: "without beginning or end, we are eternalised in continuous transformations".

And every dawn we are new beings. We have been corrected, in the dream, certain situations, so that... when the light shows itself, our eyes open.

And yes, we have those commitments, duties, functions, yes. But... we are not the same.

Making our being an art, through the prayer of praying... without searching for profit, but with a longing for identity, projects us to an aesthetic, careful, quality realisation.

With that warmth with which the light envelops us.

Of that quality with which the tenderness of living caresses us.

To place ourselves in a flow of poetry, yes, where the gaze is an enchantment; the sigh, a longing; walk, a calmness; imagination, a fantasy. There is no friction. Everything flows in harmony!...

Not to refuse the verse, to see oneself as an "everyday artist". To that verse we write with the reflect of love that we are... of the imagery of the Creative Mystery.

We are witnesses to the listening, to the reading of events, that in turn, demands of us the testimony of an Art of Doing.




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