Effort, discipline, obedience, participation, communion

In being expressions of the Creative Force, the beings express themselves in efforts; efforts that… are not punishments nor slaveries; efforts that are the expression -like this the prayer understands it- of the Force that animates us; the Force that encourages us!... in the waking and in the doing of each day.

 “I am light that expresses and, in its projection, illuminates. And in this way, by its impulsion!, represents the Force; and, for its materialisation in the living, becomes effort”.

 Frequently, this effort is misinterpreted. Sometimes it is overvalued -by the mediation of work- and converts into slavery. And other times it is, ignored -others, ignore- because of considering it as a dependency, without noticing that -like now the prayer expresses it- it is a show of capacity, promise, resource, the means… to grow in possibilities, in probabilities.

 Difficult conjunctures are what are proposed concerning the effort, in the discipline, in the obedience, in the participation.

The discipline faced with life… sometimes is spiced up like an achievement, a great feat, and other times it is not appreciated because of the persistence and the perseverance. But… one footnote: the discipline to read one page each day supposes, at the end of 100 days, 100 pages.

 The discipline, obedience and participation is rehearsed, in the communities of the armies who -because of demands, and based in a common good- they arise as protectors, defenders and they gestate the ways of living together.

Like this, the power is perpetuated, it scares, commands…

This is a show of how, the perspective of humanity, has collected this sequence of effort, to give it a body -of doctrine, country, state- that can have the significant and sufficient authority to… command.

 Consequently, we could say that this species does know, of the achievements, of the conjunction in efforts, of the discipline, the obedience and the participation.

 However, at the time of living -as a being- the experience, the discipline is not an imposing whip, rather it is a necessary tendency –into this it has to convert- a necessary tendency towards the perfection; a demanding adventure towards the improvisation. There is liberated the corset of the rules, but continues to be discipline.


 An ancient priest said that, of the 3 vows needed for his ordination, the poverty was easy: it consisted in living according to what there was, and to notice the grave responsibility of the richness.

The chastity, finally arrives, so… you don’t have to worry about it!

But… -the priest culminated- the obedience!... Ay! Always hard, and very few times it is agreeable! And so many times it becomes… difficult!

 Obedience is feared, because it seems like… -and yes it is certain that is occurs in some cases- that it impedes the expression and the personal dynamic. But… one has to look carefully at one detail!, and that is that, the human society has managed to make obedience inevitable.

 Yes. In the way that each one has searched for its success, its power and its quota of importance, it has imposed –to others who did not have their project or process clear- their criteria and ideas. And like this -making a great leap- arises the propaganda, the marketing, the influence of radio, the television, the communication media…, and the communities obey them.

 If in other times, with less members of the community, the fear could scare and make that it was obeyed –like in the middle ages with the feudal lords-, now the situation is distinct.

 In the way in which the media is monopolised, they launch their rules, and there go, wishing –as if they had been emptied of their own projects-, the consumers, faithful and obedient!... to the rules of their own dependences.

 “Buy, buy! Use, use! Throw away, throw away! Renovate, renovate! Do not repair! Do not stop in…! Continue, continue!”...

 Certainly, the consumer consumes and is consumed by an obedience that has been gestated around a strategy of colours, smells, words, sounds, songs…

 And those... those who apparently manage to escape from such influence, and begin to obey their own urges, it is easy that, either they become absolutely radical and disconnect from the human plot, or rather they discover that they are incapable of obeying themselves… and they become desperate in their capacities.

 In whatever case, if we make a leap -which the prayer presents to us- of noticing that we are beings of obedience, because of our gestation, our development, our presence, although later this is used -the obedience- to punish and manipulate us, if we are capable of noticing that we obey the winter, by dressing ourselves; we obey the summer by undressing ourselves; we obey to eat, because of hunger; we obey to drink, because of thirst; we obey the tiredness of night time; we obey the wakefulness in the daytime…

 We could call this “automatic obedience”, but it is the preamble of the living structure: “the obedience of life”.

 Consequently, in this frequency there is no consideration of if “this I ought to obey, this no, how difficult it is to obey, because of course, if I don’t obey, then I could be…”, etc., etc., etc.

 If we are inevitably obedient, we have the option of accepting ourselves as such and to give answers without considering obedience -although it is-.

 “To Participate”, seems as if is always difficult. On one hand, it could be the whim of he who believes that he deserves everything and, consequently, does not participate; awaits until the participation comes… -its product, its realisation-. Others participate in a lukewarm way. And some are always willing, with the hand raised, when is asked for volunteers -although they do not know why nor for what-.

 In this level of participation, the effort is not felt; the obedience is immediate; the discipline, inevitable.

 The participation of the being in whatever process is the inevitable contribution that leads to the “communion”. And, consequently, to the consecution of… discovering, learning, surprising oneself!...

 The human being is a social being, and should be this to be able to be in the present, to be in continuity… But, certainly, our societies -as a species- have left and leave a lot to be desired. But it is because of this shyness, mistrust, doubt, indecision… in being a participant of what could arrive to be a communion; because, in this “common-union”, are united and converge the forces, the efforts, the discipline, the obedience… And they participate until, in this communion, the participation becomes all the time more liberating. Yes. Because, in having a common union, the sharing of the efforts becomes… minimum!, agreeable, attractive!

 Agreeing with the communion situates us in the sphere that goes further than our immediate realism. If I communicate intimately with the communion, this vibrates and expands in its ‘doings’, and in its expansion has no limits. If recreates and refreshes continually.

The doing of each being, a product –to a large extent- of the aspects that have been contemplated and that have been reformatted beneath the praying sense, permits us to evaluate-ourselves each day. And it converts into a need, a doing, an evaluation, a reconsideration… as a demand of our permanence.

The being passes through moments in which the doing becomes obsessive, or could even convert into a punishment. But, the praying doing, that which emanates from the dynamic of the prayer, situates us in the vision, in the revelation of seeing -as visionaries- what sense has this personal doing, that interacts!, obviously, with all of the environment; in being able to visualise and to find sense to our doing, further than complying with the norm, with the demand, with the custom, with the order…

 No!... No! Let my doing be a unison, an equivalent of this doing of the Creative Mystery, of… permanent astonishment!

 This is the doing that turns out to be further than “gratifying”. It turns out to be… enjoyable! It bathes in satisfaction!... It recreates in the Providence…

 Yes! Because this doing notices that it is surrounded by provisions…

 And nothing is missing…

 Like this, the being becomes becomes fluent, becomes distension becomes provision.

 A vibrating doing that comes into unison with the Creative Doing, and that has as support a participation, obedience, discipline, effort.

 A whole combination of positions; positions that become dispositions and become exercises.

 Like this, our being will be seen to be wrapped up in a whirlwind that is navigated by the Creation.

 Like this, the being, little by little, converts itself in to a navigator of Universes… without having to dock in any port; without having to limit or to reach some objective.

Navigators of Universes…

Ecstasy of essences… to which cannot be renounced:

they are… expressions of the Mystery itself… adorable…





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