Life is established, in this part of the universe, in a special way; "special” since we do not know of other reference.

And what is common to all life forms is that each being is a needy entity.

Some will need plankton, others will need moisture, others will need cold, others will need grain, and others will need...

So, living becomes a continuous claim for needs, which are 'osmotizing' with others. And what one needs, the other doesn't, and it can give it to another one. And so, in an infinite fluke, they live, survive and outlive, from scorpions in the desert to microscopic structures at the bottom of volcanoes.

The Prayerful Call makes us this introduction to ask us: What are the needs of the being?

We still don't know what our food need is, or the type -for example, to mention the most concrete and material one-. And everyone puts forward their own hypotheses and regimes and... It's all an unfounded plot. The only valid criterion is that each being requires a special diet, based on its special micro-biota. We should not eat the same food.

Although this is obviously impossible for more than 8 billion beings, it is like the basis for structuring and structuring ourselves to ask ourselves about our needs. Which will be satisfied by the service of others. And we will satisfy the needs of others, with our services. And so, in 'flukes ' impossible to follow, the needs of each being are established.

It almost seems -"almost seems"- that each being needs a different universe.

And certainly, it is so in some aspects, but it has a shared universe that allows it to meet precisely that specific need.

We can be very similar to each other in certain features, but there will be a point of distinction: in habits, in thinking, in doing, in being.

This may lead us to think that it is practically impossible to mesh so many variables.

And here we can make the first mistake, under the idea of the Praying Sense. It is not possible to find that gear by ourselves, by each being. The Creation gives gear, it is given by a Mystery of communion between beings. We can be available in the best way, but the Providential plans can come out in any dimension.

If we set out in an attitude of searching for our needs, under the Prayerful Sense, they must be guided by the awareness of letting ourselves be found.

And so, they will find us this way, that way or the other; sometimes similar to what we were looking for, but never exactly the same.

Yes; it was said: "Seek and you shall find". But you shall find, because you will be found, not because of the ability we may have, which is universally limited; vitally, unlimited.

It is not in contradiction. Contradiction occurs when the being sequesters itself in its tendencies and wants the world tailored for it. And it is not difficult to discover that it is not to our measure. By "world" we mean the whole set of relationships we have with the environment.

And in the line with biblical quote, comes another quote in which the apostles complained about what they were going to eat, what they were going to wear, and they were told that, they were, indeed, going to be found:

"Why do you worry? Don't you see that this little bird has everything it needs and requires? And you even more...!".

But this conscience of seeking and letting oneself be found, which allows us to assume our needs and -above all- manage to remedy them in order to continue...

Because to the extent that needs are not remedied -the means are not put in place so need does not persist- to the extent that they are not remedied, the being becomes stagnant, blocked, "denies" itself.

It has relied so much on itself, and nothing at all on what was between itself and the whole environment, that it remains constantly dissatisfied.

And that is where one can see what the attitude of humanity as a whole is: a living being in need, longing for its criteria to be satisfied. And when this does not happen -since it only counts on "itself"- dissatisfaction, aversion, contradiction, prejudice appear... And life becomes a convoy of failures.

And one easily falls into despair and anger and continuous and permanent claim: because I have not known how to ask; because I have not known how to let myself be discovered; because I have insisted on my criteria; because I have forced my being; because I have not allowed myself to be carried along by the natural flow; because I have stopped being humble in my positions, in my needs and in my requests; because I have become tough, selfish and demanding.

And of course, we are faced a dissatisfied humanity.

And the Prayer comes to place us in a disposition of curious searching, of assuming our sublime ignorance, of adapting ourselves to our innocence. And by searching in this way, we will be found. And "they will find us" means it will appear that mechanism, that need, that function, that fraction, that element, which is adapted to the need, so it will stop demanding... and we will make an expansion and a daily progress.

When each being considers its needs, obviously, they can be infinite. But under the Praying Sense -under the essence of our being- what are they, or what is the need from which the being discovers other needs? But it already has the foundation.

Most beings would probably agree that our -"our"- need is to feel loved. Feeling that someone loves me. And for this we have something elemental, transcendental: the Creator Mystery. That is to say, the fact of being alive means that someone has loved us.

As when we repeat: in loving dawn, we are born because we are loved.

That is the basic, fundamental, important, transcendent need... -put it anywhere you want-.

Because, by feeling loved, I am able to love...

And from there I discover that what is needed depends on myself...

And in feeling that my love is needed by another, by others, I enter into a chain of harmonies that have been finding me, that have been established before I existed.

The conscience that you are needed, that they need you -without any obligation, without any dominance or control- is like that conscience that a mother has, of feeding her baby: she doesn't have to learn it; it comes out. And she is aware that she is needed.

If we align -in the sense of Loving- our needs, we will find "that which is needed", because it will find us. And no, no, our effort and our intention or dedication will not be in vain. But knowing that there is... there is... He Who Is, That Which Is: The Creative Mystery, which is what makes that mixture, that symbiosis, that connection, possible.

If we maintain this position, which we would say "of Faith", the needs that arise   -which arise- will always find relief, comfort, help. And a long chain of possibilities.

Our Help is the awareness of feeling Loved.

And with it, our needs are being met.

And if we are humble and submissive enough, we will be amazed at the way in which we are found, in which something more than what we were looking for, than what we needed, appears. And that "something more" does not mean that it is "more" than what I was looking for, no!, but what I found –which allowed itself to be found, that was looking for me- not only satisfies -under those premises of humility and submission- the need, but adorns it with other elements; it adds other facets to it.

And there we can see the rain of providences, the rain of promises that gravitates over Life.  That makes it rain when is needed, dries the earth when is needed, makes it cold or windy when it is needed.

And so it is, with any other element.

But it is true that, as they say, "It never rains to everyone's liking".

If we have vanity, pride, arrogance, and there is no humility, submission, intention, dedication... obviously, everything that happens will be insufficient, complaining, inadequate, unfair!

The haughtiness of knowing has filled the feeling of our love. It has made it reasonable, important, winning, dominating and controlling.

So, in this way you find what you want, not what you love. And what is wanted, is found and achieved, based on the will of power, violent incidence, selfish thinking and the attitude of withholding.

With these different coordinates, it is necessary to explain, consider, and reconsider the level of our needs.

And most probably, under these perspectives, the needs will be solved, with the effort of enthusiasm, curiosity, willingness.

It is "wonderfully surprising" the amount of one's own resources -of identity- and of the environment, available to each being, when it poses its needs based on the humble innocent ignorance of its attitude of seeking.

And so, magically, surprises appear, the unexpected, what was not taken into account, what was not evaluated, what was not considered, what was not believed.

And this accumulation of events are the representatives of "those who seek us", of "those who find us", of "those who allow themselves to be found" by our eagerness and our resources.

The confident hope that my search will be found is the synthesis of my needs, which in Love have their origin, their manifestation, their culmination.

Confident hope that my search will be found.



Bønnen som vi praktiserer er ikke forbundet til noen bestemt religion. Vi tror at bønnen kan være et frigjørende og helbredende instrument som har Skapelsen, de forskjellige kreftene som besjeler oss, uten at vi setter et eller annet navn på dette. Troen på at bønnen er et uunnværlig element for oss, har fått oss til å danne et sted som utelukkende brukes til bønn; ”Casa del Sonido de la Luz”,( huset for lysets lyd.) Det ligger i Baskerland, Vizcaya. Der holdes det samlinger med bønn, og man kan også tilbringe dager med tilbaketrekning der.


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