Assuming life as a need for service


As humanity, and with the prevailing criteria, the species is going through a delicate moment.

These moments involve confusion, tension, violence.

Confusion, tension and violence that put ideas -any ideas, of any kind- in doubt; tension in social relations and violence in terms of the everyday habitat.

The Praying Call reclaims our ancestry-descent from the Eternal, where there is no confusion, where tension is expansion and where violence is goodness.

The confusion comes from selfishness, radicalism that evolution of the species has developed in order to establish each individual's power.

It is necessary, in the face of confusion, to take up again the conviction of ideals..., to become a servant of the Faith... and remove the continuous and permanent judgement of all that surrounds us.

In this way we will become light that illuminates our path, and enlightens and helps the path of others.

Judgement, prejudice and condemnation are reasons for permanent confusion.

Living in more or less continuous or permanent tension, with the idea of wanting to tackle, monopolise and solve everything, is a selfish and hedonistic way of proceeding.

Our Universe, our constitution, is rhythm, is harmony, is coherence.

Tension occurs when the being occupies the spaces of others, when it occupies the response of others.

This tension manifests itself, in everyday life, in the stress that "consumes" the being. It strays from rhythm, it strays from harmony, it strays from respect for the environment.

The Prayerful Call calls us to the need for tranquillity, the need for calm, the need for rhythm.

It reminds us of our smallness. It warns us that tension culminates in ruptures. And so, we must choose to develop attitudes of harmony, adaptation, sympathy...

Knowing how to see the goodness of others.

Exercise in admiration of the actions of others.

Assuming our actions with humility.

Making service an attitude of mutual trust.

The Creator Mystery overflows us with its goodness. It gives us the resources of our consciousness, so that we may be faithful in the exercise of loving.

And in this exercise of loving, by feeling loved by Creation, we are able to "reflect": as the moon does, with the sunlight it receives, so we reflect the love that, with the nature of life, it provides us daily.

The development of the species, progressively moving away from the Creator Mystery, has demonstrated the efficacy of achievement through violence. And so, in everyday life, everything that is "wanted" becomes power. And this power becomes a manifestation of violence: violence in the conscience, violence in words, violence in the way of acting, violence by ignoring demands and actions. That passive violence that looks elsewhere when it is time to face difficulties.

All power carries with it the exercise of violence.

To get rid of power and the violence that goes with it, in every part of our lives, is an urgent task.

Life is established and springs forth without power, without violence.

The light of dawn does not come abruptly, violently; it comes gently, it comes elegantly, it comes with respect for the living. And so it is that life modulates like the wave of the sea. It adapts, contributes and shows its best virtue. 

When we are guided by the evidence of our capabilities, there is no conflict.

When we act out of duty in love with service, there is no need for power.

When sincerity and clarity of rigour are required, there is no need for violence.

Mutual respect in different tendencies must be a continuous coexistence. "Live -together ".

The exercise of our being must be pleasing. The fact of feeling alive is a permanent gratification: thanks for our senses, thanks for our heartbeats, thanks for our imaginations. All this has been given to us without confusion, without tension, without violence.

We are not what we are to exercise the violent power of conquest.

They have trained us, they have taught our conscience that achievement, attainment, can only be obtained through power and the exercise of violence; through the exercise of that "war" of ideas, projects, points of view... and a long etcetera that seems "normal".

That "normality" of which we talk about is the underhand exercise of a violent power in which each being seeks to have his or her share.

The Creative Mystery fills us with the outpouring of beauty. Yes: beauty, that detail that must be continuously exercised in our work, is the fluid that softens; it is the oil of life.

It is true that, for each being, beauty represents and shows itself in different ways. But when it is exercised with intention, with conviction, whatever the type of beauty, it does not hurt, it does not harm, it does not impose.

Everything created is an expression of beauty.

And it is thus that the being of humanity has to express itself with this "nature".

In this way, the burden of power and violence will not find space to cut, to hurt, to damage...

It is necessary to turn this tension, this violence, this confusion... to turn it into a testimony that, adorned with beauty, is a respectful form of love.

To make our being and our doing a permanent balm. May care, taking care, caring for oneself be an attitude... essential.

That we take on the recognition and acknowledgement of each other as mutual admiration. Highlight the virtues, not the theoretical defects.

Each being, from its smallness, must humbly assume the event of life.

By taking on life as an ongoing responsibility, we owe ourselves to service.

And assuming life as a necessity of service implies the subtle elegance of beauty and the joy of sharing it.




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