Living is a permanent and eternal winning, inexhaustible


The days wake up with tones of hope...; and, simultaneously, howls of vermin snake around the corners. 

It seems that there is no respite from the passage of light. Everything seems to indicate that calm is an entelechy...; that calm is fictitious...; and only serenity is a possibility.

Each creature seems to seek its own solutions to its own problems, to its own created needs.

Everyone is compromised, and no one seems to be making a case for their worth.

There will be others! It will be the other one's turn or... someone else will answer!

The needy one demands and the powerful one condemns.

The needy one needs what the powerful one has, and the powerful one has it because he enslaves others.

It turns out somehow to be a catastrophic vision?... Or a vision of sensible evidence?

Oh! It depends on the mood with which it is faced, with the attitude with which the awakened person applauds his senses: that he can see, hear, speak, feel, walk... and he applauds his body as if it were resurrected.

Is it... is it all -what is "all"?- is it all an appearance? A conflict of minds that are stuck in laws, customs, norms, condemnations...?

Are they failed consciences, because they have continued to demand the world to serve them, and have not considered serving?

Justifications are walking around and flood mountains, rivers, valleys... and seas.

"Justifications": assumed justices. And since they are justices, it is well worth justifying oneself.

At other times, fate is the omen that warns. 

And we are without a shield.

Everything, everything is distorted and becomes complex, entanglements...; mental Manichaeism of spurious traces.

Oh!, pray, pray!... We are called for all this crude development, although perhaps elegantly expressed, may be redeemed.

Yes! We are called to redeem all that creepy... impression of impression of impression of impressions.

At times we run into the caves, or into the darkness or towards stillness, to see if whatever has to happen happens.... so that nothing happens to us! Or to despair, to rage, to resentment... and to the saying: "I already said so!”. "It already looked it to me so!". "I already believe so!...".

The "I-ism" of massacres; yes, the one that kills any yearning or sigh, that despairs at any other person's joy... because it is not his own, because he believes that then he will get less!

Halleluiah... Halleluiah, please! 

Prayer, be mindful that today is Monday, and that a new occasion begins.

Halleluiah, Halleluiah! Please, prayer, give us the generous balms that cloud the dark, terrible and dangerous, and clarify the beautiful, the happy and joyful.

Aren’t you, prayer, the one that calls us to enjoy the contemplation of the experience of the Superior...?

Or maybe -hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah!- maybe... we are confused when we pretend to be the privileged one, to be the righteous one, to be the one nominated to have the right to fury, to rage, to rupture.

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! 

We are called to pray... to clarify the pile of impatience. 

We are called to pray to perceive the serene compassion and mercy! For if it were not so, the beat of the voice would not be, the thirst would not come, the hunger would not claim. 

Halleluiah! Halleluiah!

We are called to pray to distinguish ourselves. Yes; to distinguish ourselves from   dubious action, from a "just enough" doing, from a mistrustful action.

We are called to pray so that our being and doing may be an act of dedication, of divine reference! Yes! Of sparks!... like coloured confetti that snake in our 'doing', in our 'being', in our reactions...

And become patient, generous and helpful listeners.

Hallelujah, hallelujah!

Because immediately it's common that, in the face of any obvious, normal or… named claim, the being replies: "Oh, no! I don’t take care of that”. "Oh no, that's not mine". "Oh no, that is not my business". "Ah, I don't know anything about that". Escape, escape, and escaping: "No, no. I don't want to know that, I don't want to know the other. No, no, no! That's not my problem!".


Life has never been a problem. Usurping life, hijacking it in our egocentricity, is a problem. 


At times, beings seem to know everything and to learn everything... and at other times, when commitment calls them and it is their turn: "Ah, I don't know anything, I know nothing". "Ah, I didn't hear, who said it, when?, where?". "I heard... it seems to me that...".


A "Halleluiah", yes, to take a breath; to get rid of so much convenience... and take breath that life, in its splendour -it is only splendour- gives us.


We are called to pray... with the sense of renewing our deficiencies, and they may cease to be so, and become, projects, possibilities, dispositions.


We are called to pray for love to be... indissoluble! But not by decree, not by rule, not by ritual, not by law... but by heartfelt evidence! 

It is saying to oneself: "I cannot stop loving what I love, because it is what gives meaning to life, to my life, to lives".

Hallelujah! But how frivolously, how easily that love melts, and rules, laws, customs, rites and demands are imposed upon it. 


Ah, yes, the famous "conditional liberation". That must be it. Hallelujah!

So, loving becomes conditional: "I do love you, on condition that...".

This is not the level on which Creation loves us. This is not the level on which, "in the image and likeness", we must exercise ourselves. 

To feel love is unconditional.


We are called to pray so we perceive that unconditional Love that Creation gives us.

We are called to pray so that, consequently, when we feel our emotions, our sensations, our attractions... and we discover that they are unforeseen, unexpected, extraordinary, special... so we witness all these qualities and give them the channel that... leads us.


It becomes... the palpitation of each morning becomes vibrant, when the light insinuates itself to scrutinise our feelings, to activate our fantasies, to prepare ourselves to listening, to learn... to let us discover.

To admire the environment!... To admire the virtue of everything around us!... and at least, to be aware of our luck... of an inexhaustible Providence.


Let not the doom of darkness be hastened! The light has not yet come. When it arrives... it will be clear. There will be nothing to fear. 

Wait for the growing clarity to invite you to rise on its journey, like a bird; like a song-bird that plays with the wind. Hallelujah! 

Do not let living be nestled in anguish, fears and losses.

Living is a permanent and eternal winning, inexhaustible!, which does not need to compete; just be faithful to what one feels.


May fear of loss not increase; for each day is a gain.

Let not judgment come forward; for living is an art. If it is judged... beauty vanishes.


The care of love does not melt. The care of love is the deep sea that renews itself in every wave; that shines in every night. 


The butterfly flies confidently. It doesn't care about noise, colour or smell.

It takes care of being what it is. It sways in the void of air... giving away its colours, the fragrance of its silhouette and the balance of its feeling. Of that which knows itself to be in solidarity with all living things. 






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