Habitable inhabitants


The Prayer Call could well do so to the inhabitants of the universe. And all that is called “habitable” would be named, committed, affiliated to the Species Life.

And in that “could well do the Prayer Call” is promoted towards maintaining, preserving, developing and transforming this vital event into good news, into new kindness –as has already been said-.

And with that sense, each inhabitant feels representative of everything habitable.

And, in addition to being unique and singular, it is also the equivalent of the infinite and global.

And so, each inhabitant –human, for example-... could show and express itself according to their feelings, thoughts and doings. But, also, according to the inhabitants of the valleys, mountains, seas...; of that unapproachable plurality from the perspective of knowledge, but which can be felt, since our compositions are configured with the same substances, with the same instances, with the same... capacities, but oriented in a different way.

Feeling like an inhabitant is... feeling inhabited by a process of Creation that, in the case of the reference of the Prayer Call, is through the Creative Mystery... as a reference that encompasses any other proposal.

Being an inhabitant places me inhabiting in functions, relationships, projects, achievements, attitudes...

I simultaneously inhabit and I am inhabited. And I enable myself to project myself.

And in this way, skills are achieved that channel needs –and satisfy them- so to that extent, what is habitable is creative, novel, beautiful...; "undisputable".

But not an indisputable of “to keep the peace.” No. That is “bread now, hunger for tomorrow”. An indisputable fact that –as the word says- needs no discussion.

Eyebrows, eyelashes, pubic hair or hair... do not argue with each other. As far as we know! They are indisputable. And someone would say:

.- But they are hairs, in short.

.- Yes. But it's funny, isn't it?, that the hairs come to remind us that we are indisputable; and that discussion only creates disintegration, maladjustment, hurtful friction, demand.

As the saying goes, “two don't argue if one doesn't want to”.

However -however- the being has developed in such a way that it is capable of arguing with itself according to the day, the hour, the month and the year, for reasons that are not clear. And it argues with itself about what it has done, about what it has not done, about what it will do, about what is told to do, about what it does not want to hear others want it to do...

There is a long etcetera and complicated discursive system.

An alienating, exhausting discourse.

That even discusses –“even”- the evidence of wakefulness, with light, or the darkness of the night... or silence and noise –just to put extremes-.

And so, some people like the night, others like the day...

And, with the taste of each being, dystonia develops.

Because they become so... strong, that they try to impose and dominate.

And they see themselves so confident that they insist -if their dominions are not achieved- under the motto of "persevering in achievement and attaining", until they weaken the one, the others, and subjugate them.

It is not the way, the manner of being an inhabitant who is enabled, which is inhabited, capable of generating skills and serving needs.

Assigning ourselves -as the Prayer Call proposes- the character of inhabitants of the Universe, of Universes, awakens us to the evidence of any type of activity -at whatever level you want to place it; and we do not name it so it is really universal-... any type of activity that any inhabitant carries out, has an impact. And having an impact does not mean bad or good. Those are typical categories of power.

Impact implies “reaching out to”, “touching”, “making known to”, “contacting”, “listening to”, “telling to”.

Inhabited by the Creative Mystery, the mission of the configuration of the inhabitants is passing to transcendence, while remaining in immanence. And thus, to leave duality, assume simultaneity... and configure ourselves as universes, like that microcosm that refers to us.

When the being accesses to a space-time where to shelter, it is sensible advice having a certificate of habitability. And, thus, the authorities inspect the place and the surroundings to validate that it is a “habitable” place.

And well, taking that reference, we can ask ourselves:

“Are we habitable...?

Are we the empty, dignified, balanced, ventilated, welcoming space for someone to live... in us?

And do we generate habitable conditions in our environment, based on respect, kindness, prudence, collaboration, availability?

Do we have those two habitability certificates...?

Or rather... do we argue with those who inhabit us, do we deny our configuration, try to be distant or imposing... regarding to habitability towards the environment?”.


And what should be a fresh, skilful, capable, resourceful, joyful, respectable, admirable coexistence!, becomes twisted, stilted, 'gritty', cracked -as often happens-.

And between direct, indirect, suggestions and insinuations, the being is caught up in a tangle of pressure!, from which it is sometimes difficult to escape.

And thus jams, blockades, repressions, divisions, confrontations and customs of... deep roots are formed! Of those who are not willing to discover, to know, to learn...; to be amazed that they inhabit an infinite process, and that only that idea would be enough to dilute any contradiction of opinion, criteria and -what is even more significant- of any affectivity, emotion... that is subjected to discussion, to imposition or anger, hatred, revenge… Pffff!

The immediate consideration of feeling –because one is- an inhabitant of the Universe, of Universes, is that we must be habitable. And enablers of... of promotion of spaces. On any plane!

And if I say to myself: “I am like this,” I will have to check if that “like this” is being a favourable disposition to be inhabited by a Creation, a love and a permanent dedication; If I am aware of it and if, consequently, I generate capacity of habitability... to the earth, to the air, to food; if I enable the option to share, 'to get along'... and realize that we are all needy, but in no case imposing impostors who take advantage of their characteristics, their origin, their gender, their culture, their knowledge.

They used to be called something else; now we talk about “toxic relationships”. And then toxic rooms are actually created. Uninhabitable places and spaces and moments and times are created. If we are inhabitants of the Universe, that should not happen.

And we can easily realize that those rooms, those toxic relationships are permanently due to the same process: power. “To the same process: power.” To develop such an influence -and capable- that it imposes, that discusses, that dynamites any conjugation and composition that evolves towards the new, towards the creative, towards the needed.

Investigate the conditions of habitability that we foster towards our identities and towards the entities that surround us, with which we exchange, with which we interact.

Investigate means, not “initiate a process that, over time…”. No. It implies an “already”, a “now”, since our passing is unstoppable.

In the simultaneity of processes, summing time does not exist; not even the pause, or the rhythm.

It is “permanence” that qualifies any situation. And for reasons of control, dominion, and other words with similar meanings, days, hours, minutes, seconds, parallels, meridians... are established; and then laws, norms, customs: “an order”… to which beings affiliate themselves.

And “orders” that give in to universality become partial and, consequently, conflictive.

It is “now". And, with the word “always”, always is now.




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