The Prayerful Call brings to our attention, perhaps -let's use that word- the only evidence of our consciousness, fruit of a biological configuration in a moving environment...: perhaps the only evidence is that we inhabit what we have come to call the "Universe".

That is to say, that question that sometimes we wonder: "Who am I, where do I come from, what am I doing, where am I going?”, etcetera, is fine, but what is the obvious evidence, in terms of the configurative resources of our constituents? That we inhabit, that we are in what we call "Universe"; that it is a set of phenomena and structures that act following "possible" laws, following "probable" events...

But if we said "perhaps", we will also have to say that we are living -consequently, because of what we have just expressed- in a Mystery.

Because, yes, I can know something about the galaxy, about this, about that... but we immediately find the obscurities of matters and energies. Those are the priority ones, the ones that lead us to the Mystery... and to conjectures and hypotheses: evanescent deductions, the fruit of our capacity -as far as we can get by these methods.

So, becoming aware that I am an inhabitant, that I inhabit, that I reside in the Universe, gives us, if we assume this possibility...

 Which, I insist, is perhaps the only evidence that we can call it as such:

.-Where are you?

.- In the Universe?

.-Where in the Universe?

.-Oh look. That's already a lot of questions. Here, in the Universe, as far as my integrated biological components reach, we have no rights, no lefts, no ups, no downs, no bottoms, no end... No. We know that we are in a Mystery.

And within this knowledge of where we are, what can we appreciate in simple observation and even in deductions that have been reached?

So, going back to the evidence, everything moves.

Each part of that "whole" does so with different intensities, frequencies, and rhythms...

So... if I am an inhabitant of the Universe, and the Universe is a Mystery, and everything moves, I am a product of that Universe.

It has not been created a Universe and then placed the little doll in, no, but everything was created mysteriously, including the little dolls.

Whether they came from there... I don't know. Whether they came from here... I don't know… it is not recorded.

And within that perspective of evidence, the Praying Call also stresses to us that this movement... of unfathomable mysteries that we try to understand, to comprehend -and, to some extent, reducing, reducing, reducing, "something" we understand- that movement is in a state of balance.

And here "balance" means that the movements, the moving, is done with a certain sense; within the Mystery, of course.

All this concerns us... and hence the Praying Call stresses the need to feel that we are inhabitants of the Universe.

A Universe of Mystery, unknown; that we more or less inspect and deduce in parts of it.

It moves!... and it is in a “strange balance”. And we say "strange balance", because our word "balance" supposes an equal weight on one side and on the other of the scales, and here there are no scales.

We dwell in an insignificant corpuscle of visible light, if we take into account the rest, which is the depth of the Mystery.

And we could add -in our words again- that miraculously we are in balance. So, we could -thus, by plain and simple deduction- live in movement, with the consciousness of infinity, in the doing towards constant balance.

Why "the doing towards constant balance"?

Because... observing our constitution, we do not have a scale that balances our right and our left. Our organs are unbalancing. But all of it together, when it flows naturally, becomes balance: and the little one, who was crawling, becomes balance and stands up, and plays at moving and finally walks.

So, we could say that we are an unbalanced structure that moves searching for balance, in the bosom of a Mystery... which is indefinable, but we belong to it.

We are not independent entities. No. Everything here is interdependent.

But what happens in the habitat of living together and behaving?

That the tendency to balance -because we are in this Universe- does not "materialise"? -could it be?-, it is not "realised" -could that be the word-; the truth is that it is polarizing.

The being's movement is polarised in one direction. And although its tendency as a Universe is towards equilibrium, its consciousness of strength, its consciousness of capacity, its consciousness of admiration and its consciousness of resources, make it tend towards security, possession, domination, control...

And consequently, it carries out manoeuvres of movement that stagnate, that block, that immobilise.

And consequently, they hinder their own action and, obviously, the action of the whole environment, from the most insignificant grass to the most enormous elephant.

After millions of light years, we receive gravitational waves from some process that took place millions of millions of light years ago.

Everything moves.

And they come to us in passing, that is, they "pass by here".

We don't know where they are going or what their purpose is. We speculate about it, that's for sure.

But it is evident -from the little we know- that absolutely exceptional conditions have been created in this part of the Universe, so that we have the certainty that we are there, so that we have the consciousness that we live there; without losing movement... and creating a particularly significant balance.

It seems that imbalance drives us to this balancing search.

That we are constantly and continuously changing our state.

We would say, "vibrational state".

And although we can say that we "know ourselves a little", every day we discover that we are something different.

Hence, with all this, the Prayerful Call involves us in a being moving in renewing, in transformation. That allows us, from imbalance, to seek a creative balance, in that unfathomable and mysterious Creation.

It could be said that, within that imbalance of the Universe, which moves towards balance, and which maintains it simultaneously, our presence is... with an exercise of presence that does not correspond to that universal, mysterious dynamic.

And not because we don't have it, but because we have hijacked that consciousness of solidarity, that consciousness of communion, that consciousness of contact, that consciousness of interdependence, for individual benefit.

And we have remained -in that sense- attached to the name, the surname, the street where we were born, the house, the province, the country... and we have not left it.

Porca miseria!...

Is it possible that we have not realised that we inhabit the Universe?

Is it possible that the only verifiable evidence, we do not use it in our being, but we are kidnaped in the shoes we wear, the clothes we put on, the food we prepare?

Is it possible that, as humanity, we fight over a square metre of border and organise armies...?

And yes, we make flags.

And we swear by them!

It seems -"it seems", but it is not so- that we have taken possession of our domain in the Universe.

And that's no longer ignorance, it's... madness. Yes; it is nonsense because those coordinates are so discordant that, undoubtedly, only through prayer, meditation and contemplative awareness of the way we move... And moving in that balance, but knowing that we are "suspended" in the Universe.

The button of a shirt is aware of all clothes that cover the body.

It is easy to say, giving this phrase -apart from being "absurd and useless"- that buttons have no consciousness.

.-Do they not? And why are they fastened?

.-No! We fasten them.

 .-Ah, now! In other words, we would be like the Creator Mystery, and the buttons would be like human dolls.

We do not like this? Do we? No, we don't.

But probably, every time you fasten a button, you'll remember the rest of it.

The irresistible attraction of the button to the buttonhole, don't you find it exciting? Please! We don't leave the same place! "The irresistible attraction of the button to buttonhole". Or does the buttonhole call the button?

Ah, the famous chicken and egg story! The buttonhole is made for the button, and the button is made for the buttonhole.

One for the other... And just when they are assembled, the balance appears.

We are in a truly novel consciousness: that the Prayerful Call leads us so that, despite our "handicraft", we are able, with it, to transcend and place ourselves in the whirlwind, in the cyclone of Mystery.

The autumn leaves flicker in their lustre...

They flirt with the wind... and they know their journey...

And they contemplate how the earth claims them.

In awareness, each leaf plans its fall... to make its flight an art...

An art of balance that allows it to come to perch...

To perch... to be the carpet of the footprint...




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