New dawns. New beginnings or manifestations, in new positions.

That is how we are permanently.

But it is not appreciated.

We are not in the same place of the Universe, than yesterday, than a moment ago. It is not the same dawn than any other day. We are not the same organisms than yesterday or the day before yesterday... We are "new".

And as "new" ones, we must generate ¡new! attitudes, dispositions, proposals, collaborations, solidarities, affections, obedience... All those words that have been left empty... and that are what really represent "the new".

       There seems to be an emphasis, an insistence, a... provocation?, of proving, of fulfilling, of exercising... in the same way, with equal modes of competition!

But it seems that the insistence is the leitmotiv that teaches, that learns...; but, at the same time, delays, drowns, subdues, grips, imposes...

It seems... -the Praying Sense calls us- that our humanity is still "lurching": from one side to another side,... without knowing why, or what for...

In these days the twenty most influential leaders met... –they are "determinant"- of the species, in terms of possibilities, resources, management, etc.

The only thing that has leaked is a small manifesto without any commitment.

It seems that it doesn’t concern us, or the others, but that they are rather issues between them -the leaders. But no. It is a reflection of those who exercise power; and they don’t even know how to express it, to handle it, to hide it or... to show an insipid nonsense, without a clear approach to... the cruelties and dramas that raze our existence.

And we can say: "Of course! Yes... if they are like this... where are we going?".

Samples and more samples: from the most powerful to the most needy, seem to resist accepting themselves as permanently "new". And they cling to yesterday -to put a reference-... or cling to what they want it to be, and it is not.

It seems as if an ancestral fear -to locate it in some time, space and characteristic- sticks on "the new" and... it is considered as good: "A known evil is better than unknown good".

Terrible mistake!, that -through civilizations, philosophies, religions-... tends inexorably to repeat and remain anchored in the "eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth", in me, my, my party, my, my, my land, my , my, my language, my, my, my point of view.

But... the view is very wide! Please! It does not always look at the same point!

The ear hears many things. Smell is able to distinguish infinite nuances. The taste is spectacular. And the texture we are able to feel and imagine is... unlimited. So, what do we do with the sensors that transmit permanent new things to us? Why use them so badly?

Why see the day as one more day? It seems like torture, doesn’t it?

.-One more day. One more Monday.

.-Oh, that's worse!

It seems that the being does not want -despite so many wishes and desires- that doesn’t dare to... to really be what one is: "new". With all the guarantees that the novelty implies! As the Creation is. As is the Creator Mystery.

Its guarantee is that here is the sunrise again. New! Again! "Again". Not as repetition, but as a novelty. Here is the opportunity again. Here is the assistance again. Here is the inspiration again. Here is a new, fantasy. Here the proposal again. Here is new, the revision! Here is the rectification again! Here is the... fantasy again.

All with the guarantee -not of the State, exactly-... but with the Creative guarantee. With the guarantee of... the Love that makes life possible, as an ... unusual exception!

Life: an incredible organization! Fathomless!

And in the case of our species, immeasurable, immense.

And despite all these unlimited guarantees, the being is kidnapped by its own conditioning, its prejudices, its customs, its radicalisms... ethical, moral, religious, customs, environmental, food...

It's not... fair, is it? It is not fair that, without having "creative prisons", the being is imprisoned and builds its bars, its grills, its guards; he gives up the flight; he accepts the chains!... and he doesn’t feel uncomfortable facing life imprisonment.

What kind of species is this?

We have been gestated in the Mystery, and as such, in the LOVE. We have been shown the incredible.

We have been linked with the beyond.

And it seems that, for a moment –it seems that for a moment-, we have been abandoned.

Yes. It seems as if the Mystery, with its infinite Creation, is ashamed of its own "work".

At times! -at times, abandonment calls and asks...

And it asks and inquires before... the delirium, the obsession, the indigence, when the resources abound; when the possibilities increase; when more creative signs adorn us, as if we had asked for help.

Maybe without knowing it... we are asking for help! Like that hidden part of our being; as "that corner of the soul" that one... we cannot feel!

"The corner of the soul, that we don’t feel”. Recreational! That drowned by vulgarity, brings out its SOS. That, out of shame, one does not dare to say it loudly, because people may think one is weak or incapable of continuing to do the same.

Yes. Yes! In a place of the east corner, a distress signal is captured.

In a place of the eastern corner of our soul, there is like a ball the germ that keeps us all and we can’t see it... in our being, in our beings, the permanent novelty; the constant novelty like... "the true style of living".

Sometimes, in times of euphoria, it is often said: "I feel like new!"... - right?-. "I'm like new. They have left me as new one. I've been left as new."

Unconscious words, but a real need.

It is not "like new...; "you are new", today.

And throughout the course you will continue to be "new."

Make that evidence conscious, because it is submerged and drowned in that place of the "eastern corner" of your soul!

Let express your feelings, emotions, intentions, fantasies, proposals, suggestions, arrangements, conversions, regenerations!... A long etcetera!

Let yourself be what you are! Do not hang on to the role you have been imposed! Do not add a new link to your chain; it is already quite short, tied.

Fly your flag!: to be unique! The only one! Unrepeatable! Unusual!

Have you noticed that? Have you noticed that you have been created exclusively, with some gifts, some talents and some abilities, based on some needs? And you insist on being mass, vulgarity!..., just like anyone else! "We are all the same!"... and other traditional phrases of historical roots, as anchored in a feudal lord who eats himself away.

You are unique! Do exercise your uniqueness. Do exercise in your singularity!...

We need you. We need each other. But not to impose on each other! Not to give orders, to envy each other... to fear us. No!

To see us as "new" -because we are new-.

To see us in our uniqueness, exceptionality...; Unique!

Can you be more?

To admire ourselves, drunk by our presence; surprised by contemplating others in our frequencies; attracted by the glow of others... And others, others and others. All

of them unusual.

And not only for them, or it alone, but for that vibration of continuous Love that is showing to us, in each prayerful meeting, the detail!...

The detail that was needed!... That is huge! That with only one of them would be enough!

But with that loss of identity and that "amalgamated humanity" it is necessary that they call us again and again to rescue and recover our essence.

New horizons… permanently, wake up. New versions of oneself are constantly showed. New faces that seem to be the same are permanently displayed.

To become aware of this is truly "to continue being born". So keep doing... from that Infinity that inspires us, lovingly, towards discovering our essences. And these awaken to contemplate!... and transform living, in a complaisant life, 'contemplative', convertor!, consensual !, with beloved proceeding!...

In new airs we wake up. In new sensations we show ourselves. In new possibilities... we wake up! In new, unique, unusual, essential and necessary actions... we must feel represented.

And this is how the "new" becomes... exceptionally everyday!

And the blink of life becomes liberated... visionary... unfathomable!



Den bön som vi utövar är inte begränsat till någon religion. Vi tror att bön kan vara en befriare och ett helande instrument. Vår bön hänvisar till skapelsen, till de olika krafter som uppmuntrar oss utan att gå till ett specifikt namn eller trosuppfattning. I tron att bön är en väsentlig faktor för oss, har vi skapat en plats dedikerat uteslutande till bön: "Huset ljud av ljus, i Vizcaya i Baskien, norra Spanien. Här möts vi dagligen i bön och spirituell retreat .


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